June Tunes!

29 May 2016 In: News

Summer is here!

Grab your copy here! MIXTAPE HEAVEN!










It´s smashing……By yours truly 12inch!



28 Apr 2016 In: News

Let´s get ready to rumble! Let´s get some dancing going on!

Don´t miss out. You´ll find me at the Harrys Club in Strängnäs this fine night. Doing Time!


23/4 All In @ All IN Enköping!

9 Apr 2016 In: News

All In!

Don´t miss out my night att All In Enköping. It´s going to be EPIC. New tunes with some inputs from classic club tunes. Are you ready?

See Ya!


Mixtape? Grab yours here!


284903_10150234423196616_565386615_7405205_6168539_n cropped-12inchinthemix.jpg bg_tapes.jpg



As the winter season coming to and end i´m going to Funäsdalen to ski and give a master blaster, super saturday. The best of the best tunes in a mix.
So boosted to do this gig. I will start 22 and finish at 02:00 saturday 12/3.
Don´t miss out if you are there!wpid-img_20140319_091230.jpgSe Ya!


Last weekend…..

23 Jan 2016 In: News

Last weekend for rest and family time. Next weekend you will find me at a club near you. Harrys! Will just deliver hits and joy!

Be there!



Ending 2015

19 Dec 2015 In: News


Ending the deejay year is special. All the hits and experience from the year summing up to X-MAS day party! Home coming party No 1.
This year i´m doing 19th, 25th & 26th of december in Strängnäs. It´s an honor.

Let there be Party!



12inch wpid-img_20140319_091230.jpg 12inchaffisch IMG_4234 IMG_4223_smaller 271084_10150234423271616_565386615_7405208_6333435_n cropped-12inchinthemix.jpg DSC01168_web wIMG_2487

Party Like No Other!

22 Nov 2015 In: News

After a period of changing my day job and time of with my family the tour will intensify once more.

Weekend 27-28/11 i´ll be back at Harrys! PARTY!

Saturday 5th of december me and DJ Ninos will hosting Vinyl #Påriktigt party at Falmingo Club!
Hardcore Vinyl hits -93 ich.

Nothing digital just these plastic fantastic records.










Now we are preparing for the vinylsets. Going thru crates of records to to the party justice.
Bring your friend and listen to old school vibes….


See Ya!



Results and upcoming….

20 Jul 2015 In: News


This weekend i will play @ Munken. Summer paradise Gotland. If you are there come and say hello!







The results from Trosa Yran 2015 as follows.
Awesome crowd and i´m at my A game. Never had this much support and cheerful people days after the performance. Big Up!

See some vids here…



Ending July and start Aug i´m back in Trosa, The Summer city.


Summer Festival & Tour

3 Jul 2015 In: News

I´m humble to the task! Trosa Yran 2015 in extreme good company. General Knas and Medina.

This will be awesome. You will see and here me perform once again.
After this Festival i´m going to Gotland to do 3 gigs at Munkkällarn.

See you!










Some older clips from Trosa Yran!

12inch Yran 2013


2Large (12inch & JoeLee) Yran 2011

2Large (12inch & JoeLee) with Lucas Forberg the drum machine!


Here We Go!

13 Jun 2015 In: News

Summer! The warmth is coming. Summer is packed with Tour dates. From june 13th to late august. Winter is basically bocked.

Gotland, Trosa, Stockholm and nearby venues. Let´s Kick it this summer.
From the Lounge to hard core nightclub. See you there.










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