Spring Feelings 2017

26 Mar 2017 In: News

The sun is shining and the warmth is staring right at your face.
Just lean back, drive your car, On the walk or at the gym or just listen sitting enjoying….

Listen to some well picked tunes for your listening pleasure!












Find it here:



Weekend 3-4 of March

26 Feb 2017 In: News

Let there be manchester and a really good DJ at location!
But wait! There IS!

@Funäsdalen Lets get Bananas and get a really awesome weekend.
What iv’e heard that the bar is loaded and the manchester is of the best sort!

Let us Party @Erikskokochbar (Eriks Kök & Bar)

Join Us!


Concert crowd

Grab your Copy! Feelings of Time!

31 Dec 2016 In: News

Feelings of Time!
A feeling good mixtape, cleaning, fixing, cooking or just listen in the room. You choice….

A journey thru some classics with some fusion of new deep house.

Get the vibes! Happy new year!


You can find the mixtape here!

X-Day Party!

25 Dec 2016 In: News

Don´t miss out! Playing with DJ Light. Hes doing the classics and i´m doing the modern ones.

Winter season 2017.

4 Dec 2016 In: Deejay feelings

Finally, Winter season 2017. Feelings from Val Thorens and take that feeling to Funäsdalen week 9.Might be in Åre and Sälen as well.
Love the winter and love skiing. And if it´s possible to combine with a gig or two it´s just awesome.



Throwing back a feeling from last summer. Let the PARTY begin!


Listen to part of my Journey!

10 Sep 2016 In: News

Niclas interviewing Swedish Deejays. He came to my house and made an interview with me. Talking about my journey and why i am as i am as a deejay.


You can here it here in SWEDISH!

Sunset on Lake in Autumn Forest

Back @ Tullen!

12 Aug 2016 In: News

After a few years at the other nightclub in Trosa i´m back for a gig this weekend (13/8)

It´s going to be awesome and really fun to be back at the floor i started my gigs in Trosa 20 years ago.


Summer vibes! @ Fina Fisken 22/7

22 Jul 2016 In: News

Back again after a summer vibe holiday. Feeling hopefull. Summer is here with just amazing weather.

See you there!



June Tunes!

29 May 2016 In: News

Summer is here!

Grab your copy here! MIXTAPE HEAVEN!










It´s smashing……By yours truly 12inch!



28 Apr 2016 In: News

Let´s get ready to rumble! Let´s get some dancing going on!

Don´t miss out. You´ll find me at the Harrys Club in Strängnäs this fine night. Doing Time!


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