Towards Swedish ski resorts…

29 Jan 2015 In: News

From Val Thorens and once again to the Swedish ski resort, Sälen.


Here We Go!

18 Dec 2014 In: News

Finally, X-Mas is near.

To Arkipelag this weekend and this is going to be awesome. 19th-20th of December is the Pre coming home party and always lots of people.

X-mas day a local club nearby and New Year at Harrys. Already bookings and request until June 28th 2015. It feels great.
Starting 30th-31st of January 2015 in Sälen. Club, Ski and lots of fun!

Let´s Roll!

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13 Nov 2014 In: News

Last time was Rock Off Weekend. Awesome!


Looking towards this weekend. Lots of Party and smiling faces….
Don´t stay home….







29 Sep 2014 In: News

Pay Weekend!

Lots of party and happy guests. Dancing all night long and just giving 100% That’s what i call ” Balm for a DJ soul! ”


6 Aug 2014 In: News

After 3weeks of touring i just amazed! What a journey! Awesome crowd and the response is awesome.

Moving crowd is balm for a DJ soul. After my gig 15-16th of Aug in Finland/Aland i will kick start my project. ” Deejay For Charity ”

Free Deejay Courses for All. From me to you! Interested give me a message.







Rock Off Starting Parties @ Arkipelag!

17 Jul 2014 In: News

Here is the Party!

Don´t miss this weekend if you are in Mariehamn.
Bringing music madness to you Friday thru Sunday!



2 Large Men The Reunion Trosa Yran 2014

11 Jul 2014 In: News




Resluts Stadsloppet!

28 Jun 2014 In: News

What a NIGHT!

Awesome crowd and a smacked nightclub with lots of party animals! Goosebumps all over!


Thanx to everyone, Made my week!


Here We Go!

27 Jun 2014 In: News

Starting this weekend with a Trosa Classic, Stadsloppet 2014. This is going to be awesome!!

On Saturday i will travel to a nearby town and do the End Of Month Party, Boom!  See You there!



Summer vibes

5 May 2014 In: News





Finally the summer is near and there will be an exiting one! Lot´s of bookings and interesting projects.
Stay tuned. Still working on the Deejay For Charity Foundation.

Summer mixtape will be released soon!

Let the summer begin…….











so be prepared for the coming weeks. Here Is The Party!



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