Summer season moving on!

Previously had a blast @ Liljan in Borlänge. Main floor and Basshunter on the stage. What a night! Doing my stuff in the correct environment. Just giving it a blast. Doing Liljan the 18th of May. Boy I’m ready! This was one of those nights going into my hall of fame top 30 of my 32years of doing this. What… Read more →

Summer Jam Sessions

The summer is just delivering awesome weather. People enjoying a good drink and feel good music. This friade again at Fina Fisken. Saturday booked for a weeding. Feels really good. Just taking those gigs that feels really good. Like this one. Third for this season.   Next week i will be back in Stockholm för friade and Saturday back at… Read more →

New Mixtape – June 2018

Folks! Summer is just amazing in all aspects. In Sweden right now we are having a Ibiza like weather. Amazing!                         To contribute in a easy way is to give you something to enjoy while….. Training, Driving, Work, Walking, Thinking, Enjoying, Loving, Talking…..Yeah! Averything! MIXCLOUD MAKE IT HAPPEN!  … Read more →

What a start!

Summer coming closer and setting the dates for some awesome gigs. Weddings and clubs in a good combination. Just remembering the latest in the Jungle! What a crowd. What a night.   Let the summer begin! Read more →

Here we go!

Finally the week has come. Saturday performance 3/3 @ Eriks Kök och Bar! Starting the week with skiing. Let’s Do This! Looking forward to do my thing behind the decks.     Read more →

Happy New Year 2018

Just sitting and planning for the 2018 plan. Listening to some older mixtapes. And just need to post this again. This is ” the ” one i like the most from 2017. Offcourse all are ” Dope ” Ha, Ha. If you haven’t given this one a try when you doing your stuff. Please Try it out….. You Find IT… Read more →

R’N’B by 12inch MIXTAPE

Growing up in the 70:ies and getting interested in music mid 80:ies and as you can imagine. Rest is history. Just love for music and how to blend songs…..My passion. This mixtape in some way give a glimpse of my favorites.  At least a few. There is more but we need to start somewhere. Enjoy!  FIND IT HERE! Read more →