Summer Jam Sessions

The summer is just delivering awesome weather. People enjoying a good drink and feel good music. This friade again at Fina Fisken. Saturday booked for a weeding. Feels really good. Just taking those gigs that feels really good. Like this one. Third for this season.   Next week i will be back in Stockholm för friade and Saturday back at… Read more →

New Mixtape – June 2018

Folks! Summer is just amazing in all aspects. In Sweden right now we are having a Ibiza like weather. Amazing!                         To contribute in a easy way is to give you something to enjoy while….. Training, Driving, Work, Walking, Thinking, Enjoying, Loving, Talking…..Yeah! Averything! MIXCLOUD MAKE IT HAPPEN!  … Read more →

What a start!

Summer coming closer and setting the dates for some awesome gigs. Weddings and clubs in a good combination. Just remembering the latest in the Jungle! What a crowd. What a night.   Let the summer begin! Read more →

Here we go!

Finally the week has come. Saturday performance 3/3 @ Eriks Kök och Bar! Starting the week with skiing. Let’s Do This! Looking forward to do my thing behind the decks.     Read more →

Happy New Year 2018

Just sitting and planning for the 2018 plan. Listening to some older mixtapes. And just need to post this again. This is ” the ” one i like the most from 2017. Offcourse all are ” Dope ” Ha, Ha. If you haven’t given this one a try when you doing your stuff. Please Try it out….. You Find IT… Read more →

R’N’B by 12inch MIXTAPE

Growing up in the 70:ies and getting interested in music mid 80:ies and as you can imagine. Rest is history. Just love for music and how to blend songs…..My passion. This mixtape in some way give a glimpse of my favorites.  At least a few. There is more but we need to start somewhere. Enjoy!  FIND IT HERE! Read more →

New Feelings!

August is here and why not celebrate with a new mixtape! August Feelings by 12inch. You will find it here: AUGUST FEELINGS BY 12INCH Read more →

Visby for a….

tree day music frenzy. Playing at the Munk! A classical Nightclub housing in the center of Visby. The Club have 3 music sources and i will be in the Nightclub doing my thing! Club, Classics and Party for a Club…..In the middle of everything! Please drop by and say Hello!   Read more →