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Happy New Year 2018

Just sitting and planning for the 2018 plan. Listening to some older mixtapes. And just need to post this again. This is ” the ” one i like the most from 2017. Offcourse all are ” Dope ” Ha, Ha. If you haven’t given this one a try when you doing your stuff. Please Try it out….. You Find IT… Read more →

R’N’B by 12inch MIXTAPE

Growing up in the 70:ies and getting interested in music mid 80:ies and as you can imagine. Rest is history. Just love for music and how to blend songs…..My passion. This mixtape in some way give a glimpse of my favorites.  At least a few. There is more but we need to start somewhere. Enjoy!  FIND IT HERE! Read more →

New Feelings!

August is here and why not celebrate with a new mixtape! August Feelings by 12inch. You will find it here: AUGUST FEELINGS BY 12INCH Read more →

Visby for a….

tree day music frenzy. Playing at the Munk! A classical Nightclub housing in the center of Visby. The Club have 3 music sources and i will be in the Nightclub doing my thing! Club, Classics and Party for a Club…..In the middle of everything! Please drop by and say Hello!   Read more →

Poissons fins (Fina Fisken)

Summer is here in some sense! This Friday i will host the yearly City Run Party @FinaFisken. A true start for summer holiday and fun! I will blend music that will tickle your music senses. From Chill to Soft House with a toutch of classics from the past! Don’t Miss Out! Read more →

Spring Feelings 2017

The sun is shining and the warmth is staring right at your face. Just lean back, drive your car, On the walk or at the gym or just listen sitting enjoying…. Listen to some well picked tunes for your listening pleasure!                       Find it here:     Read more →

Weekend 3-4 of March

Let there be manchester and a really good DJ at location! But wait! There IS! @Funäsdalen Lets get Bananas and get a really awesome weekend. What iv’e heard that the bar is loaded and the manchester is of the best sort! Let us Party @Erikskokochbar (Eriks Kök & Bar) Join Us!   Read more →

Grab your Copy! Feelings of Time!

Feelings of Time! A feeling good mixtape, cleaning, fixing, cooking or just listen in the room. You choice…. A journey thru some classics with some fusion of new deep house. Get the vibes! Happy new year!   You can find the mixtape here! Read more →